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Frequently Asked Questions

Art for commission FAQ's

1. Where should I send my order to?
You should send your order to the address shown at Contacts page.

2. What information do you need to start processing my order?
Processing of your order starts immediately upon your payment. In order to start working with your order, we need to know your requests on style, technique, and size.

3. What photo should be used?
It is highly desirable that you send us a professional photo, which demonstrates every tiny detail. You can send an ordinary or a digital photo, if it is clear enough. This is very important for high-quality work of our artists and for you, to make you feel happy about the result. If possible, please send us several photos taken at different angles. If you want, we shall return your photos.

4. How long will it take to complete my order?
1) Creating Commission Portrait Paintings (portrait, copy, painting) will take at least 35 days.

Duration of your order completion will depend upon work complexity and size. More detailed information on terms will be provided after you have made your order and specified special requests on your order.

5. How can I pay for my order?
You may use:
Credit Card,
Pay by Check.
USPS Money Order

6. How much does my delivery cost?
We offer free worldwide deliveries, if value of your purchase is at least 500$. In case when the value is less than 500$, the cost of delivery will be set according to FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT fees.

7. What if I do not like the finished artwork?
Before we complete an artwork, we will send you an email with its image, so you can introduce corrections before the artwork is finished.

8. What if my purchase arrives in damaged state?
The chance that your purchase will arrive damaged is very low, as we use special packing materials for safe and careful transportation to ensure secure delivery and prevent possible damages. In case when your purchase does arrive damaged through our fault, we shall exchange your purchase or shall refund its cost. All artworks are sent insured, and a transportation company will repair damages, if they occur. Please contact us to get the details.

9. How is a painting packed for delivery?
Every artwork is packed by hand in ultra strong materials, applying special technologies, and then rolled in a special tube, carefully delivered to its destination.